Tour 2 Learn

What's the Tour Destination and Why are we Traveling?

A one-day study tour, Tour 2 Learn is a unique travel experience that combines learning to field visits, we will take you to the area of study that interests you. Where you get to know what goes in working in real-time. Inside the classroom, a student gets to know about current ideas, and upcoming concepts, while outside the classroom, a student explores and experiences. The ideation of an educational tour is to build the practice of experiential learning. The overall industrial visit will be practical wisdom in a student’s theoretical life.

Why Tour with us?

Industrial visit is considered as one of the tactical methods of teaching. The right combination to explain concepts to students. 80-20 rule of 80% practical and 20% theoretical concepts must be followed.

1. Tour 2 Learn brings clarity to important management concepts, as student’s practical experience firsthand how these concepts are put into action.
3. It provides an opportunity for students to ask questions related to their area of interest. The students have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic guides within the organisation, who may change their perception of the intricacies in certain studies and the work that they carry out.
5. This also gives students a platform to enhance their interpersonal skills.
7. The students get to see the best practices opted by different companies for similar work.
2. Tour 2 Learn bridges the gap between classroom theoretical training and practical learning with hands-on experience in a

real-life environment.

4. With regular industrial visits, the students can identify their prospective areas of work.
6. Since the Tours are planned in various sectors, students find it easy to select relevant organizations for their assignments.
8. Using the case study approach within the visit to bring out critical thinking among students.

Program Highlights

Meeting the Experts
Global Networking with like-minded students
Personal Development
Industry recognized Certification
Experiential Learning
Exchange of Ideas
Enhanced Perspective